Why Is Your Attic Fan Making So Much Noise?

Posted on: 4 May 2016

Attic fans are an essential fixture in the home to keep the air pleasant. It helps by moving the air out of the attic which ultimately will keep the home cooler during the hot summertime months. If the fan is producing a menacing noise because it has to run all day, it will require some inspection to fix the issues.

Defective Parts

Bad ball bearings can be one of the issues involved, if the fan is making a lot of noise. The motor is lubricated by the bearings to reduce the noise factor. After several years of usage, the fan may need to be dismantled to replace the set of bearings. Be sure to replace them with the same model and make.

As the fan gets older, the moisture or climate conditions may cause the motor to rust. You may need to replace it because it is a difficult process to repair the rusty components. The motor may also need to be adjusted as time passes. It may need a bit of tweaking if it has become a bit twisted from many hours of operation.

Check to see if any metal screening or insulation has become lodged in or around the blades. If anything is rubbing against the blades, it may be creating a new noise.

Reducing the Noise

Purchase some insulation pads between each of the bolts if you decide the noise is coming from the bolts vibration. Also, check to see if the motor is still square in the housing unit.

The simplest problem could be the blades of the fan may be bent or dented. If this is the problem, simply adjust them, and the fan should operate noise-free. You can also place some weight on the blades if they seem out of balance. In some cases, you could also try to move the blade to another section to see if it helps.

As time passes, the screws that hold the fan on the wall in the attic may work loose because the unit constantly runs. The vibration can be fixed easily by simply tightening the screws.

These are some of the main issues that may cause a noisy attic fan. It is best to start with the simple fixes before you decide to spend the extra money to replace the entire fan. However, in many situations, it will be easier to install another fan. If you don't believe you can handle the task, it may be time to call in a professional like Leon Muenks Insulation LLC to do the job.


Working with an HVAC Contractor to Care for Your System

As a homeowner, you know how important your HVAC system is for comfort throughout the year. If the air conditioner or heater is not working properly, it can result in higher energy costs as the system struggles to keep your home temperatures in a comfortable range. Working with an HVAC contractor will help you maintain your system for reliable use long term, and possibly help you cut your power bills enough to notice the savings at the end of the year. Check out the pages on this website to learn more about how to find the perfect HVAC contractor to work with and how you can be of assistance to them when it comes to keeping your system in tip-top shape.